True connoisseurs eager to enjoy exquisite wines, the LION-GRI company invites you to visit the underground kingdom of taste chords that add color to the world of feelings and emotions, located near Chisinau. This is the realm of victories for master winemakers "LION-GRI". Here, initially, a glimpse of what wine will become is caught and only after that, without haste and fuss, the masters bring up their promising wines.

Here landscapes of taste are created by blending, secondary fermentation and long-term aging in bottles.

This kingdom was built on the basis of old stone adits, at a depth of 22-27 meters underground, with a length of 60,000 meters, from where the shell rock was extracted in the 19th century.


Hand-made stone made these galleries unique in structure, and the specific microclimate, year-round temperature stability and relative air humidity create ideal conditions for the formation of collections of selected excellent wines that have been cultivated for nobility over the years. Here the famous pride of the company is produced and stored - the collection of Classic Sparkling Wine "LION-GRI".


Also in the galleries "LION-GRI" a family collection of unique wines is stored, the first bookmarks date back to 1952. This collection is a great value of the enterprise and a unique pearl of Moldova, which is gradually replenished with seasoned high-quality wines of their own making.


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