Making Wine

History of the company

Founded in 1997, LION-GRI has become, in a very short period of time, one of the biggest Moldovan wine making and exporting companies. LION-GRI has obtained a huge international appreciation for its high quality wines and for the Moldovan wine image promoted on the international market, along with the combining of the inherited wine making traditions with the modern technologies. In 1997 Lion-Gri begins the building of its own complex for the producing and maturating of the aged and classical sparkling wines. The complex has included special wine cellars with a constant temperature and humidity in order the wine to be matured correctly. It has been decided to be built in Ciorescu village, Cricova region, because of its special composition of the stone layers. In 1999 Lion-Gri becomes the shareholder of SA “Botritis”, which is the former primary winery enterprise “Cania” located in Cahul region). The processing potential has consisted in 20 thousand of tones of grapes per year and the potential of all the recipients has consisted in 600 thousand of dalis.

In 1999 Lion-Gri - began construction of the secondary vinification process, which is located in Chisinau. The complex has Italian bottling lines with a capacity of 6,000 bottles per hour. The potential of all recipients is 800 thousand dalis. In 2000, the main winery in the village of Talmaza started, with a processing potential of 15,000 grapes per season. The potential of all recipients consists of 600 thousand dalis. In 2001 Lion-Gri participated for the first time in the international exhibition "Food & Drinks" held in Kiev, Ukraine. The wine presented - "Talisman Liubvi" - was awarded a gold distinction of the competition.

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In 2005, at the international tasting competition "XIV International Tasting Competition for Wines and Spirits", held within the exhibition "ExpoVin" - 2005, Chisinau, Moldova - the wines of the "LION-GRI" company were highly appreciated. Among the awards: one large gold medal, five gold medals, four silvers and a First Degree Laureate Diploma for “Achievements in Quality, Performance and Competitiveness”. In 2005, LION-GRI was awarded the 2005 Best Brand of the Year award. In 2006, the first deliveries of wines to Romania, China, South Korea and Senegal are carried out. In 2007 the company "LION-GRI" carries out the first deliveries of wines to Kazakhstan and Mexico. In 2008, at the international tasting competition "Les Citadelles du Vin" Bordeaux 2008 (France), the Golden Lion 2005 wine presented by the "LION-GRI" company won the "Trophee Prestige".

In 2010 Sparkling wine Lion-Gri Classic Collection Symposium, 2004, brings victory from France! Our sparkling wine took part in the International Competition "Les Citadelles du Vin" from France, where it won the "Trophee Prestige" prize. In 2016 Our Ice-Wine was awarded the Gold Medal for tasting at the BLACK SEA REGION Contest 2016 in Batumi, Georgia. Lion-Gri was lucky to receive high marks from strict judges! So, our Ice-Wine, a white quality vintage wine made from Riesling grapes, harvested in 2009, received the Gold Medal!

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